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Are you passionate about healthy living and healthy eating?
Love nature and think everyone should live a greener life?
Want to use your skills to make an impact in your local community?
We'd love to have you join our team!

What we're looking for

Experience is not necessary if you are willing to learn what is needed to do the job, and you have training on at least some of the techniques and tools.
If you have experience but no training, that is also a good combination.
Right now most roles are volunteer-based, but we're working on getting funding.
You are welcome to take on more than one role.

Be a part of this exciting idea!

Niagara In Harmony

We currently only have a magazine for the Niagara, ON region, but other regions (and even worldwide) are coming soon.
Here are the open positions for Niagara In Harmony:

Funding Manager


  • Work with CEO and Financial Manager to determine funding needs.
  • Research organizations that could potentially fund the magazine, contact and meet them to get funding.
  • Create campaigns on crowd-funding websites.
  • Find other creative ways to get funding.
This role has the potential to become a commission-based sales job.

Advertisement Manager


  • Contact potential organisations and people that could be interested in the writing service, meet and sell the service to them.
  • Contact potential clients that could be interested in the indirect advertisement (ie, sponsored content) service, meet and sell the service to them.
  • Develop other creative strategies for indirect advertisement offerings.
This role has the potential to become a commission-based sales job.

Social Media Manager


  • Understand, document, follow and eventually provide feedback on the Social Media Strategy defined by the CEO.
  • Schedule posts on social media accounts according to the Social Media Strategy.
  • Engage with followers, potential customers, potential writers, etc on social media, according to the Social Media Strategy.
  • Manage scheduling of posts taking into account the interaction of social media productivity tools like Buffer and IFTTT.
  • Attend events and participate in conversations using hashtags, posting content on social media in real time, etc.
  • Report about events on social media using creative and engaging strategies.

Financial Manager


  • Research and define operating costs and profits required to fund all volunteer roles.
  • Create budget scenarios based on research above and other operational costs.
  • Work with Funding and Advertisement Managers to refine budget scenarios based on realistic revenue opportunities.
  • Work and manage all other matters related to the organisation's finances.

Staff Writer


  • Create content following our guidelines.
  • Attend events and write about the events.

Event Photographer


  • Attend events and register with pictures and video.
  • Work with Social Media manager to publish content on social media.
  • Work with Staff Writer to add images and videos to their reports.

Please contact us to submit your application.